Look! I made a booklet!

March 24, 2008 at 1:08 pm (Announcements)


Yep, I made a booklet!

Last year I wrote a long article about the end of Clamor Magazine, and I was encouraged to revise and expand it by my friend Ramsey for his new publishing house, PM Press. Well, now it’s done, and all fancy! You can buy it, any moment now, through the AK Press website. I circulated the article last year on the internet, but the pamphlet version is revised and much expanded.

I’ll be doing some miscellaneous speaking events to support the pamphlet, and you can find out more on the “Upcoming Events” page, or you can find out more about the things I’ll be talking about by visiting my page at Aid & Abet Booking.

Writing the pamphlet felt good. It was good to process all of the stuff that had accumulated in my head for seven years, but honestly I could have written about 10 times the material. Here’s a small blurb from the back of the pamphlet to give you an idea of what I wanted to talk about: “This analysis is presented as a case study on how movement projects and organizations deal with vital but rarely discussed issues such as management, sustainability, ownership, structure, finance, decision making, power, diversity, and vision.” So, you kinda get the idea.

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  1. sarah scott said,

    way to go, jen! i will pick this up asap. missing you…


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