Jen is a long-time social justice activist now living in Berkeley, California.

Currently, Jen works to influence how mainstream media talks about anarchism through the project Agency. Jen also owns Angel Cakes cupcake bakery.

Jen has been a writer and  activist for over 15 years. With Jason Kucsma, she co-founded and published Clamor Magazine, an award-winning quarterly magazine covering radical culture and politics, from 1999 to 2006. She is a founding board member of Allied Media Projects, a non-profit independent media advocacy organization. She has been called a “visionary” by  Utne Reader and a “pioneering media activist” by Bitch Magazine.

Jen’s publishing history includes Clamor (1999-2006), the Zine Yearbook (1996-2004), her personal zine Fucktooth (1991-2000), and MaximumRockNRoll (1997-1998). Her writing has appeared in magazines such as Bitch, Punk Planet, Upping the Anti, and In These Times.

She is author of two pamphlets: “Becoming the Media: A Critical History of Clamor Magazine,” published by PM Press in March 2008; and “Get Noticed: How to Publicize your Book or Film,” with Matt Dineen and Justine Johnson, published by Aid & Abet in February 2010.

Email Jen: jenangel at riseup.net.

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